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Kashrut and Jewish Food Ethics

A few weeks ago, I decided to restart the apps and put some effort into meeting someone. And I was actually excited about a first date with an adult man who had a real job and totally appropriate messages; he had even already seen my Twitter feed. The universe is just being the worst wingman right now. Some are taking refuge in the apps, which are of course compatible with socially distancing.

When you spend too much time messaging without meeting, you can build up expectations, only to meet and see there is zero chemistry.

If you’d like to support our independent Jewish journalism, click here to or how my liberation would come through ethical non monogamy if I.

I am a straight woman, and I was set up on a date with a man. We got along well initially, but I grew concerned about how evasive he was about his past. I did some sophisticated checking online — I do research professionally — and discovered that he is a female-to-male transgender individual. I then ended our relationship. He and I live in Orthodox Jewish communities. I believe he converted shortly after he became a man. I think he continues to date women within our group.

Should I urge our rabbi to out this person?

Medical Ethics in Nephrology: A Jewish Perspective

Reconstructionist Judaism is more than a set of ideas. It’s an approach to Jewish living. We bring holiness into the world in many ways:. The dominant approach to gender in Western society has its origin in Christian thought that understands both sex and gender as binary. In that understanding, everyone is either male or female, and gender and sex are identical. While Jews gradually absorbed that perspective, classical rabbinic Judaism had a much more sophisticated understanding.

Science and Medicine: Jewish Medical Ethics Look at the Marriage of Rabbi Akiva Dating: Obstacles, Realities and Success Jewish Dating Practices: Past.

Skip Global Navigation Jump to section navigation. Sexual Assault and Exploitation Under U. Slavery and Jim Crow. Two types of owned human beings appear regularly in rabbinic literature: the wife and the slave. Thinking of marriage as a purchase and women as ownable allowed rabbis to consider marriage, gender relations, and sexuality in terms of the legalities of property.

Rabbinical works, dating as far back as the beginning of the third century CE, are the foundation of practices observed by significant segments of Jewish communities to this day. These texts, along with the laws and ideas they expound, often have a vote, if not a veto, in discussions of Jewish ethics and practice. Recognizing the associations between marriage and slavery in rabbinic literature forces us to ask unsettling questions about Jewish traditions, laws, and practices today.

Until we confront these questions, and reconfigure Jewish marriage on a model that does not involve metaphors of ownership, slavery will continue to exert its legacy on Jewish women. Many of us may find it easier to accept the authority of these traditions even as we might subject them to reinterpretation than to imagine what we might put in their place that would still allow us to feel and act “authentically” Jewish.

However, feminist ethics of sexuality and relationship demand of us no less than our best effort. The Feminist Sexual Ethics Project.

Understanding Transgender Issues in Jewish Ethics

The walls of the Golden Rose restaurant in Lviv, Ukraine, are covered with collages that tell detailed stories about the Jewish legacy of the city. Alex Schmidt hide caption. At the Golden Rose restaurant in Lviv, Ukraine, your non-Jewish host and servers will do their utmost to surround you with purportedly Jewish touches. You’ll be greeted with a wan “Shalom” as you enter, a waiter will sometimes appear in peyot Jewish sidelocks and kippah head covering , and you’ll be invited to haggle over your check.

It may seem odd that I decided to visit this restaurant on a recent trip to explore some of my family’s roots.

The Shidduch is a system of matchmaking in which Jewish singles are introduced to one Tzedakah · Land of Israel · Brit · Bar and Bat Mitzvah · Marriage · Bereavement · Philosophy · Ethics · Kabbalah · Customs · Synagogue · Rabbi.

If you are single and over 50, maybe also widowed or divorced, becoming part of a couple again may be on your mind. Although dating at this point in life may raise a few uncertainties, it holds great potential for fun and excitement. Seniors who are starting to date should arm themselves with revised expectations, an open mind, and a willingness to encounter a few rejections, then to go out and enjoy themselves.

The following tips may help both men and women who are seeking friendship, companionship, love, and intimacy:. Your contribution can directly impact the lives of people in our community. Skip to content. The following tips may help both men and women who are seeking friendship, companionship, love, and intimacy: Change your expectations without lowering them. Also be ready for a range of relationship goals people bring to dating now. Some may seek marriage, others a monogamous relationship without marriage, and yet others may simply want a companion.


Experience a soulful, creative Havdallah—separating Shabbat and the rest of the week—with the Three Star Collective, a cooperative of local musicians, poets, artists, and thinkers. Rabbi Shira leads an intimate discussion carnal knowledge, using text study to explore the ethics of dating, sex, and everything else between the sheets. Rabbi Scott Perlo guides an open service at a relaxed pace that allows for thoughtful prayer in a comfortable, spiritual setting.

Justice for All: How the Jewish Bible Revolutionized Ethics. JEREMIAH UNTERMAN. Series: JPS Essential Judaism. Copyright Date: Published by​.

In the coming months we hope that an effective Covid vaccine will be approved, but it may take months to produce mass quantities. Who should receive priority status for the early batches? Front line health workers? People with high risk factorss? The elderly? The ethical dilemma of triage can be divisive.

Jewish Sexual Ethics for Single People

The Musar movement was a nineteenth-century Jewish pietistic movement focused on the cultivation of moral virtue. It emerged in Lithuania under the leadership of Rabbi Israel Lipkin Salanter , who built on a long-standing Jewish tradition of focusing on “Musar,” the disciplined cultivation of moral virtue. Salanter sought to develop a mass movement focused on Musar, stressing the importance of practices that might help people to identify their moral weaknesses and improve their moral character.

He gave particular attention to the ways in which irrational and generally selfish emotions and desires could be harnessed in service of reason. Drawing on a long-standing tradition in Jewish thought, Salanter saw reason as what distinguished human beings from animals, but he saw reason as incredibly weak, in need of support from the more “animalistic” parts of the human soul.

Read the rules of the Jewish dating game. Jewish communities have developed a unique pattern of courtship and dating. The Ethics of Double Dating.

This acknowledgement entails a dual commitment: to treat all people with the utmost dignity and to hold myself to the highest standards of behavior. I acknowledge the harmful physical, emotional, and social consequences that abuse victims have often suffered at the hands of those in positions of Jewish communal authority, and I personally pledge to use my own authority to help create safer and healthier communal spaces. Toward this end, I hereby publicly undertake the following commitments:.

Stay up-to-date with the latest news and announcements from Sacred Spaces. Toward this end, I hereby publicly undertake the following commitments: I will use my authority first and foremost for the good of humanity and the Jewish people. I will maintain the honor, noble traditions, and values of the Jewish faith. I will not exert my power over others in ways that demean, harass, exploit, or otherwise cause harm.

I will respect appropriate boundaries between adults and children. I will help my institution to develop robust policies for preventing abuse. I will not succumb to pressures to cover up suspected abuse.

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